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Parkour Maps for Minecraft PE
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Download 100 Floors Map for Minecraft PE: upgrade your skill level in different locations of the game!

Best 100 Floors Maps for MCPE

Thousands of people are addicted to parkour in real life. Minecraft PE players also have the opportunity to test their skills and improve them. Since the game reality consists of blocks, players can practice their jumping in different locations. The developers created new parkour adventure that consists of 100 floors. These maps have many locations.

100 Levels

The author of the map has made a giant playground, which consists of 100 floors for parkour. Minecraft PE users can test themselves at several levels at once.


Each location has its own theme, and the design is unique everywhere. Among the 100 floors, there are simpler ones for parkour beginners, and there are much more complex ones that only experienced Minecraft PE users will pass.

Sometimes players will need to jump, and sometimes balance on slippery blocks so as not to fall. The author used a maximum of various materials to create the map.

The Minecraft PE player may come across ice, slime and other blocks. There is also a cube filled with water, where they will have to look for a way out at the very bottom.

The developer has built these 100 floors similar to the usual biomes of the game world.

Themed Parkour

This map will give Minecraft PE players another place for parkour. The authors from Thailand have created their own unique 100 floors. The passage will help users to improve their dexterity perfectly.


Users can complete 100 floors of parkour using this map. The developer offers Minecraft PE players a lot of locations that are combined into a huge grid. It is worth finding a way out of each to find out what awaits the player at the end. The average user will spend about two hours on the passage.

By the way, players can complete parkour levels together with friends.

  • How to install 100 Floors Map?
    Just tap on the file and open it in Minecraft PE.
  • Can I play with friends using this map?
    Yes, it suits for a multiplayer game.
  • Can I use the map in survival mode?
    Yes, it is possible.

Download 100 Floors Map for Minecraft PE

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