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Published: 3 July 2024
Modified: 26 June 2024

Download Attack on Titan Map for Minecraft PE: take a walk through Shiganshina, find the houses of the main characters, and visit the ruins!

Best Attack on Titan Maps for MCPE

The anime theme is popular among Minecraft PE players, and this Attack on Titan map allows them to become the heroes of a unique adventure in familiar locations. For example, the house of the main characters of the story, as well as some houses and other territories.

This is a great option for those who want to find themselves in a themed world. It is also possible to supplement it with some mods.

Utgard Castle

With this Attack on Titan map, Minecraft PE players can visit the unique Utgard Castle. It is worth noting that the territory is mostly ruins. It is worth exploring the area carefully to find out if there are any resources here.

There are not only ruins on the Attack on Titan map, but also some buildings. For example, the castle itself with towers and a bridge.

By the way, the developer also recommends using shaders to create a realistic location for Minecraft PE.

Eren and Mikasa House

Those who want to feel like the main character of an anime should download this Attack on Titan map. The developers have built an entire city, giving users the opportunity to see some locations in Minecraft PE from the legendary anime.

There are many interesting things on the territory of the city, including various houses in the Shiganshina area.
Many players know that some heroes lived in it. It is worth exploring the entire location to find Eren and Mikasa house.

By the way, this Attack on Titan map was originally created for Java, and later it was ported to Minecraft Bedrock.


Those who dreamed of visiting the Shiganshina area should install this Attack on Titan map, created originally for Java. Minecraft PE players can enjoy its ported version by visiting the city with houses, streets, bridges, and more.

  • How to install Attack on Titan Map?
    Just tap on the file and open it in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
  • Can I play with friends using this map?
    Yes, it suits for a multiplayer game.
  • Can I use the map in survival mode?
    Yes, it is possible.

Download Attack on Titan Map for Minecraft PE

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