About me

My name is Alice Thompson. I am 22 years old. I was born in Oslo (Norway), and I moved to Los Angeles with my parents when I was 4 years old. I spent my childhood in the ghetto, where I was first faced with the culture of Minecraft.

Alice author mods-craft


At first my friend Adam and I used to draw graffiti on the walls of abandoned houses. Next to our drawings, square characters of some “cartoon” or video game, unknown to us at that time, began to appear.

The drawings were so unusual and interesting that I started googling something similar and stumble across the game Minecraft.
After installing the app, I began to notice that every day I was getting more and more immersed in the game. After a time I realized that I like not only passing the missions, but I like creating smth myself.

I got a lot of emotions when I created my first horror map on my own. I with my friends played it for a whole week.
My next step was to review maps and mods that guys around the world were creating. Since I already had experience as a modder and mapper, I was happy to suggest everyone how better to create a map or a mod to accommodate users’ interests.

Alice Thompson

I received a lot of positive feedbacks and suggestions to create my own site dedicated to Minecraft.
And here I am, starting to fill my site with the first content that will help everyone to get acquainted with Minecraft a little closer.


My email: [email protected]