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Download Circle Parkour Map for Minecraft PE: overcome several levels by climbing high stone walls!

Best Circle Parkour Maps for MCPE

Many Minecraft PE players like to jump on blocks and test themselves for strength. Some locations are created specifically to train such skills. Circle parkour map is rather a platform where users can show everything they have learned before.

By the way, the level of difficulty increases with each section passed.


Even experienced jumping enthusiasts sometimes face really difficult locations where dexterity and the ability to navigate the terrain well are needed. Circle Parkour map is exactly the kind of place where players will have a hard time.

Do not switch modes in the settings, because the developers recommend playing in adventure or survival mode. If the Minecraft PE user chooses creativity, then there will be no risk for the character, and the test will turn into a normal exploration of the territory.


Some players have already tried climbing spiral towers. The circle parkour map is somewhat similar to such an adventure, but the difficulty is that after getting out of one stone ring, the Minecraft PE player gets into the next one. In total, the developer created six levels of varying complexity.

Since each wall is even larger in diameter, the task for the player becomes more complicated.


Once at the spawn point, the player sees a lobby in front of him. There is information from the developer here that is worth reading. By clicking on the button, the character gets to the center of the circle parkour map, from where his journey begins. If he makes even one careless move, there is a risk of falling into the lava. The following locations are even more difficult, but there are some resources there.

Found items and blocks can help the Minecraft PE player reach the end.

Download Circle Parkour Map for Minecraft PE

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