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Download Factory Mod for Minecraft PE: make your survival better with the help of various mechanisms!

Main Features of the Factory Mod add to Minecraft PE

The possibilities of Minecraft PE players are expanded with the help of factory mod. Now players can open their own production, using unique blocks and items for this. Resource extraction usually brings a lot of problems, including taking a lot of time from the character. Now it will be a pleasant process that can be automated.

Completely new opportunities open up to users, which simplify all processes and make the game world look like a real one.

New options can be used only after activating all experimental settings at the stage of world creation.

Generators and Replicators

This factory mod allows players to use different generators in Minecraft PE. This is used to get resources in simpler ways. So players can get as much gold, iron, or other valuable materials as they want. Any player can have as many resources as he needs to survive. At the same time, block mining time is saved.

There are also replicators. The copy function is used to create blocks.

Modern Equipment

With the help of the factory mod, players will have 17 mechanisms to the world to create blocks in Minecraft PE. The system allows you to turn some materials into others that players need.

This is convenient if Steve does not have something that he requires, but at the same time there are extra blocks that he is ready to transform.

Factory Machinery

The addon adds 63 blocks that can be used to create a working mechanism in Minecraft PE. The factory mod adds items required for resource extraction, and players can also learn how to use energy generators.

This helps to save game time and make it easier to mine materials. To create your own factory, the player needs to connect its parts together.

  • How to install Factory mod?
    Just tap on the file to automatically install the modification.
  • Can this mod be run in a multiplayer game?
    Yes, for this it is enough just to be the owner of the map and install this modification on it.
  • What if the mod do not work?
    Try to activate the experimental game mode.

Download Factory Mod for Minecraft PE

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