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Download Minecraft 1.0.2 Ender Update for free on Android: go in search of chests in the End city, explore cold biomes, and live in igloo!

What is new in Minecraft PE 1.0.2?

After adding large-scale changes to the End Update, the Mojang team encountered numerous bugs. In Minecraft 1.0.2, the developers have tried to eliminate most of them.

Some functions have improved in the game, and unique structures have appeared on the territory of the virtual world. For example, igloo often appears in snowy biomes.

End City

There are unique new cities in the End dimension. There Minecraft PE 1.0.2 players can find:

  • Armor;
  • diamonds;
  • gold;
  • iron.

Players can even find a great sword with rare enchantments in the chests. MCPE 1.0.2 users should be careful, because hostile mobs live there — shulkers. They can attack at any moment.


As players know, it is possible to get to the End using the portal. Sometimes Silverfish can live near it. These mobs are hostile creatures and can attack Minecraft 1.0.2 characters. By the way, most frequently these mobs attack in groups.

They have a small reserve of health, so it is not that difficult to kill Silverfish.

Polar Bears

There is one unusual animal in the cold biomes – Polar bear. Its behavior in Minecraft PE 1.0.2 is impossible to predict. By default, it does not attack players, but only as long as it is not touched. A bear can get especially angry if someone damages its babies.

By the way, bears can stand on their hind legs.


Unusual structures made of snow are generated only in cold biomes. Often there is only one room inside. But there is a 50% chance that a basement will also appear. There may also be a chest with resources inside that will be useful for Minecraft 1.0.2 players.

For example, it can be gold bars and emeralds.

Users will also find a bed in Igloo.

Version: 1.0.2
OS: Android
Changes: Ender Dragon, Shulker, Silverfish
Release date: 19 January 2017
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • Can silverfish attack MCPE 1.0.2 players?
    Yes, it is a hostile mob.
  • What structures players can find in cold biomes?
  • Is polar bear dangerous?
    It can attack Minecraft 1.0.2 users in some cases.

Download MCPE 1.0.2

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