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Published: 14 March 2023
Modified: 14 March 2023

Download Minecraft 1.19.70 for free on Android: try to find a new biome, to do this, go to the Mountains, and also find ancient artifacts in the desert!

What is new in Minecraft PE 1.19.70?

The appearance of each new version is always a big event not only for the developers of Mojang Studios but also for the players. And it is not just about reducing the number of possible errors, which certainly improves the gameplay, but also in the emergence of new features.

For example, in Minecraft 1.19.70, heroes should visit the desert to participate in the search for ancient objects. As well as visit the unique biome that appeared in the cubic world. The authors promise to continue its development in the next updates, called Trails & Tales.

It is also highly recommended to evaluate the usability of the new Death Screen and share your impressions with other players.


It is worth noting that absolutely every user can do archaeology in Minecraft PE 1.19.70. To do this, they only need a special object called a Brush.

To create it, players will need one Feather, a copper ingot, and a Stick. Next, they will need to go to the desert and find an excavation site near the temples. Be very careful, because the Suspicious Sand blocks that store ancient fragments are very fragile and they need to be cleaned with great attention.

Cherry Grove

For lovers of beautiful and picturesque nature, a unique and incredible biome has appeared in Minecraft 1.19.70. There is only one kind of tree growing in it, they are called sakura. They differ from other similar plants in the abundance of pink flowers on their branches.

Users can meet such animals as pigs, sheep, and rabbits in this place. Also, thanks to the ever-flowering trees, this location has become a habitat for bees.


And finally, in this version, players have the opportunity to get acquainted with a very unusual mob. Sniffer has incredible abilities to search for plant seeds and is not averse to sharing them with the player.

In Minecraft PE 1.19.70, this creature is distinguished by a kind and peaceful attitude toward others.

Version: 1.19.70
OS: Android
Changes: cherry grove, sniffer
Release date: 14 March 2023
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • What new biom has appeared in Minecraft PE 1.19.70?
    Cherry Grove.
  • What trees grow in this place in MCPE 1.19.70?
    Cherry blossoms.
  • What item will be required to clean Suspicious Sand?

Download MCPE 1.19.70

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