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Published: 19 September 2023
Modified: 19 September 2023

Download Minecraft Trails and Tales for free on Android: use Explorer Maps to find more rare places, get armor from villagers, and much more!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Release

Those who like to visit villages and trade with residents will like the Trails and Tales Update features in Minecraft Firstly, it is worth noting that players have the opportunity to get diamond armor. Players can also buy Explorer Maps to explore ancient ruins with their help.

As before, the functions of archeology and objects are open to Minecraft Pocket Edition users, with the help of which it is possible to find artifacts or craft something new.

Some animals have changed their behavior. For example, a camel no longer makes a dash if it is in water or lava.


The Mojang developers continued to improve the villages and there are some changes in Minecraft PE that will definitely appeal to players who love trading. These are primarily cartographers. Unique villagers can give the character an Explorer Map indicating where the treasures are hidden. Now it is possible to find points even in already explored territories.

Another mob that can benefit Minecraft version players is armorer. He will share a unique diamond armor that will protect the character from damage in battles.


Many have already been to the Cherry Grove and know that it is possible to find unique wood there. But also in this biome there are petals that fall from flowering trees. It will be possible to craft a dye from the petals, which will be useful in different situations.

There are some changes in ambient sounds in Minecraft For example, now the sounds of splashing water will become similar to those that players usually hear in the Java Edition.


For example, it has become easier for Minecraft Bedrock Edition players to handle buckets. They can remove water from swampy blocks with them, without even immersing them in water.

OS: Android
Changes: suspicious sand, pottery shards, calibrated sensor
Release date: 19 September 2023
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to get diamond armor?
    Armorer can give it.
  • What players can get from Cartographers?
    Explorer Maps.
  • How to find Sniffer eggs?
    Visit Trail Ruins.

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