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Published: 2 November 2023
Modified: 2 November 2023

Download Minecraft Copper Update for free on Android: create unique blocks from unusual materials, decorate your buildings with them, and much more!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta Copper Update

Finally, users can apply different tuff and copper blocks in Minecraft PE Many people have been waiting for this opportunity since the announcement from the developers of Mojang for Minecraft Live 2023.

There is also Crafter – it is a new way to create items with Redstone.

Tuff Blocks

Minecraft players can create new types of tuff blocks with a stonecutter. These are steps, walls, and slabs. The developers also added chiseled and polished variants.

Copper blocks

There are several varieties of copper blocks that can be useful to Minecraft Bedrock Edition players for decorations and construction:

Block Description
Bulbs These are unique light sources that players can place wherever they need. Gradually the light from bulbs will go out due to the oxidation of the material
Grates Beautiful new copper grates can be a decoration in Minecraft version buildings. Mobs cannot appear on them.
Doors and Trapdoors Similar blocks are already in the game from other materials, so the functionality of doors and trapdoors is already known to players.
Chiseled Copper This is another variant of copper blocks in Minecraft Pocket Edition that can be created in a stonecutter and used in construction.


The usual process of creating items can be improved in Minecraft PE with the help of a crafter. By connecting this block to Redstone, users get some automation and simplification of crafting.

Other changes

The developers have worked on improving the textures of new blocks made of copper and tuff in Minecraft, and also added some recipes that will help users craft blocks.

OS: Android
Changes: copper and tuff blocks, crafter
Release date: 02 November 2023
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to use tuff blocks?
    It can be a decoration of the game world.
  • What copper blocks have been added?
    Doors, trapdoors, bulbs, and grates.
  • How long do copper bulbs work?
    Until they oxidize.

Download MCPE

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