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Published: 8 November 2023
Modified: 8 November 2023

Download Minecraft Copper Update for free on Android: try to use copper blocks in the decoration of your buildings!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta Copper Update

Everyone who constantly follows the new content will like that the announced blocks such as copper and tuff in new versions have finally appeared in the game. Minecraft PE users can also use crafter to quickly and effortlessly create everything they need in the game. To do this, you will need to know how to work with Redstone.

Some textures have been updated in Minecraft Pocket Edition and new recipes have been added.


In the game world before there were many blocks that can be used in construction and decoration. The developers of Mojang decided to supplement Minecraft with copper and tuff materials. For example, players can use copper doors and trapdoors in their creations.

Especially such blocks will look good in Minecraft Bedrock Edition underground locations similar to the announced Trial Chambers.


It is worth noting that the developers not only introduced new blocks into the game, but also worked on improving their textures in Minecraft PE For example, tuff bricks, copper doors, and trapdoors now look very natural.

New recipes

At the moment, the options concerning recipes work only in experimental mode. Minecraft version players can use different combinations of ingredients that are created specifically for each of the versions of tuff and copper – regular and chiseled.


This block is functional in Minecraft and can help players create a variety of things if used with Redstone. By the way, the textures of this block have also become different: the developers of Mojang have added more details.


Some graphic elements have improved in Minecraft PE For example, Armor Trims is displayed correctly in the game.

OS: Android
Changes: copper and tuff blocks, crafter
Release date: 08 November 2023
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to use copper bulbs?
    For decoration.
  • How to craft copper blocks?
    Use new recipes.
  • Is it possible to craft tuff bricks?
    Yes, there are some crafting recipes for it.

Download MCPE

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