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Download Minecraft Copper Update for free on Android: take advantage of the resources from Trail Chambers, learn how to craft items using crafter, and much more!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta Copper Update

Every time Mojang pleases players with unique content and fixed bugs in the next update. This time, players can not only walk around the Trial Chambers and fight the Breeze, but also appreciate the improved bats.

Different tuff and copper blocks are also available to Minecraft PE users.

It is also worth considering that the new dungeon is inhabited by a dangerous Breeze.


Among the resources that are available to Minecraft Bedrock Edition players are copper blocks. For example, doors and trapdoors are useful for atmospheric underground locations. Over time, they oxidize and turn green.

The same thing happens with copper bulbs in Minecraft, which are an additional light source in the game.

Trail Chambers

Unique structures appearing in random Overworld locations can be a platform to enhance battle skills in Minecraft version Also, visiting these locations can be a dangerous adventure for players.

Inside, users should look for chests with objects, but mobs can attack the character on the way. They appear from the trial spawner.


If the player happens to meet a Breeze, it is worth preparing for a dangerous battle. This mob appears in the game from the trial spawner and can attack any mob or even a Minecraft PE player.

It is believed that this creature can control the element of wind, and its weapons are projectiles created from the air that explode everything around.


This block appeared in Minecraft Pocket Edition as an alternative crafting method. Its peculiarity is that it is used together with Redstone, which provides some automation.

Other changes

There are some changes regarding the textures of oxidized copper doors and trapdoors. In Minecraft they look even better. By the way, the doors made of copper are now resistant to explosions.

OS: Android
Changes: trial chamber, copper and tuff blocks, crafter
Release date: 06 December 2023
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to use Crafter?
    Players can create items using it.
  • Where players can find Trial Chambers?
    In any place of the Overworld.
  • How does Breeze spawn?
    Thanks to Trial Spawner.

Download MCPE

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