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Published: 4 January 2024
Modified: 4 January 2024

Download Minecraft Copper Update for free on Android: find the use of Armadillo scutes and create unique armor for your tamed wolf!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta Copper Update

In the latest updates of the game, Mojang developers have shown almost all the new content that was previously announced. In particular, players can now meet Armadillo in the savanna.

Materials such as copper and tuff and various blocks of them are still available to Minecraft PE users. All this can be found in Trial Chambers.

Wolf armor

Minecraft users have the ability to tame wolves, as many experienced players know. The developers went even further and gave users the opportunity to create armor for wolves. To do this, you need a special item – Armadillo Scutes. But first, the character will have to find Armadillo in the savanna, as the animal drops the desired item after death.

It should be borne in mind that only the one who tamed the animal in Minecraft Bedrock Edition can put armor on it.

Copper and tuff

Players who like to build atmospheric underground locations will love blocks made of copper and tuff in Minecraft PE These materials can oxidize, and users should take this into account during use. The textures of these resources become more detailed with each update.

One of the most functional blocks is the copper bulb. It is not only a decorative element, but also an object for lighting.


One of the most dangerous mobs in Minecraft version is the Breeze, which spawns only in Trial Chambers. This happens when the players find themselves next to the spawner. The mob uses wind charges to attack.

After the attack, explosions occur that can destroy blocks or cause damage to creatures and players.

Interestingly, the Breeze can jump on water blocks in Minecraft

Improved Armadillo

there are some improvements in Minecraft that relate to Armadillo. For example, now these animals are rolling up with a new vibration.

OS: Android
Changes: copper and tuff blocks, crafter
Release date: 04 January 2024
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to use armadillo scute?
    To craft wolf armor.
  • Where players can find cooper and tuff?
    In Trail Chambers.
  • How long does copper bulbs emit light?
    Until they oxidize.

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