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Download Minecraft Ominous Trials Update for free on Android: defeat your enemies with a mace with effects, create a unique interior with new paintings, and much more!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta Ominous Trials Update

The developers have added some changes to the game based on past updates. For example, Ominous Spawner has received new features in Minecraft PE There are also some additional effects.

Ominous Trial Spawner

Minecraft has an unusual version of the block that creates mobs. The Ominous Trial Spawner appears if the player standing next to it has Bad Omen effect.

The developers have added an interesting feature: now the block shows in advance which items will be dropped in Minecraft version


Among the melee weapons that appeared in the game, it is worth noting Mace. Minecraft Bedrock Edition players can craft weapons if they have a Heavy Core and a Breeze Rod.

There are new effects that mace has:

  • Wind Burst which creates a wind that throws the player into the air after impact;
  • Density that makes the weapon even heavier, which affects the force of the blow;
  • Breach helps to strike even the armor of enemies in Minecraft Bedrock


Minecraft users have even more opportunities to decorate the virtual world. To do this, Sarah Boeving has created five new paintings:

  • Baroque;
  • Humble;
  • Meditative;
  • Prairie Ride;
  • Unpacked.

Raid Omen

Bad Omen can become Raid Omen for 30 seconds in Minecraft PE To get rid of the effect, the player needs to drink a bucket of milk. The developers have added unique sounds to activate the effect.

Other changes

Thanks to the developers from Mojang in Minecraft, players can see the following changes:

  • Players can receive Trial Chambers maps from cartographers if the experimental mode is activated;
  • the duration of new effects is now 3 minutes.

Also fixed some bugs, such as:

  • The movement of Breeze during the attack;
  • improved the use of tuff blocks in the stonecutter;
  • changed the textures of Ominous Vaults.
OS: Android
Changes: mace, vault, breeze rod, heavy core
Release date: 18 April 2024
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to prevent players from Raid Omen effect?
    Players should drink a bucket of milk.
  • How to craft Mace?
    Use Breeze Rod and Heavy Core.
  • What are the features of Ominous Trial Spawner?
    It can create more powerful mobs.

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