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Published: 12 June 2024
Modified: 13 June 2024

Download Minecraft Tricky Trials Update for free on Android: become a part of dangerous adventures using maces, wind changes and other weapons!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Tricky Trials Update

Minecraft PE users have the opportunity to visit the updated Trial Chambers, where they can craft weapons for themselves, extract various resources and meet the most dangerous mobs of the game.

Many bugs are no longer in the game, so the virtual world has become even more convenient and better.


To defeat creatures in Minecraft, players can craft a mace. This weapon appeared some time ago and is still being improved. Players will need some elements to create it.

Mace has excellent indicators including durability of 500.

Wind Charges

Users have been able to see Wind Changes before, as the Breeze usually attacks. This unique weapon is available in Minecraft Bedrock Edition either by finding it in the Vault, or by defeating the owner of the charges.

By the way, using this weapon, the character may accidentally take damage.

The flight speed of the charge is increased if the player attacks with it.

It does not matter which terrain of the Minecraft version the wind charge is used on, it works the same everywhere.


As before, the Vault is unlocked only with a Trial key. If some Minecraft players try to open it a second time, a new sound appears. There may be different values and ingredients for crafting inside the block.


It is possible to make the game dangerous and risky, players should use hardcore mode. Minecraft PE players can show all their survival skills, but they do not have the ability to respawn. Mojang have added an option to exit the world on the death screen.

It is easy to choose hardcore as well as other modes in the settings.

OS: Android
Changes: mace, vault, breeze rod, heavy core
Release date: 12 June 2024
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to use calibrated sculk sensor?
    It can be used for receiving vibrations.
  • How to clean suspicious sand?
    Players can use brush.
  • How to get a decorative pot?
    Players need to use four pottery shards for crafting.

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