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Published: 19 June 2024
Modified: 19 June 2024

Download Minecraft Tricky Trials Update for free on Android: get the opportunity to upgrade skills in mysterious dungeons!

Minecraft Bedrock Edition Tricky Trials Update

Looking back at the previously published versions, it will be easier for players to understand what the developers of Mojang wanted to achieve in Minecraft PE

Trial Chambers has become an even more exciting location for adventures with friends. Inside, players have a chance to meet Breeze and Bogged, fight them with Mace, and find out the power of Wind Charges. You can find valuable items in Vaults, and with Bad Omen, turn some items into Ominous.

Wind Charges

There have been several important changes regarding wind charges in recent versions of the game. For example, in Minecraft, they work the same way, no matter in which area. Besides, crouching no longer affects jump amount.

These weapons can easily destroy blocks in the game, helping players to get the necessary resources faster with the help of explosions. It is also possible to use these charges to fight enemies in Minecraft Bedrock Edition


The convenience of Mace is that it can be created from ingredients found in Trial Chambers. It is possible to get a Breeze Rod as loot after defeating Breeze in Minecraft PE Heavy Core is worth a look in the Vault.

Despite its good durability, the tool may break during use, fortunately it can be repaired.

Ominous Vault

An unusual Vault can sometimes be generated on the territory of Trial Chambers in Minecraft It is possible to unlock it with an Ominous Key. Various items can be stored inside, which will definitely be useful to players in the dungeon.

Minecraft version users can open the block only once.

OS: Android
Changes: mace, vault, breeze rod, heavy core
Release date: 19 June 2024
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • Is it possible to make open Vault twice?
    No, just once.
  • How to open Ominous Vault?
    Using Ominous Key.
  • Where so Breeze spawn?
    In Trial Chambers.

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