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Published: 7 July 2024
Modified: 28 June 2024

Download Race Track Map for Minecraft PE: become a cool racer, choosing your way in the game world!

Best Race Track Maps for MCPE

Those who would like to compete with friends in speed should download this Race Track map. Unusual territories are full of surprises, which allows Minecraft PE players to make the game unpredictable.

Lucky Blocks

This is a special Race Track map, as players get not just a road, but a lot of lucky blocks on it. None of the Minecraft PE users knows what they will come across. The location is suitable for use by a maximum of four players.

This place is full of surprises, because lucky blocks are a unique opportunity to get either useful items or random dangerous events, such as a meeting with monsters.

Each road has its own color in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, and at the start, players can see more information about the Race Track map.

Boats on Ice

Those who want unusual competitions in Minecraft PE should install this Race Track map. The peculiarity is that instead of cars, players need to use boats on the ice. This is a great opportunity to compete with friends in speed, overcoming unusual routes.

The developer of the Race Track map recommends giving each player a number in the lobby so that it is possible to determine the winner at the finish line. After choosing, the door opens and users move on.

They need to select the road they will take. Then they teleport to the start.

Hyper Car Racing

After activating this Race Track map, Minecraft PE players enter the competition with cool cars. The
developers have added many world-famous models that millions of people want to have. It is worth noting that there are two roads on the Hyper Car Racing map. It is possible to select the road you like. There is also a night game mode.

Players can download additional mods to get cars for the themed game.

  • How to install Race Track Map?
    Just tap on the file and open it in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.
  • Can I play with friends using this map?
    Yes, it suits for a multiplayer game.
  • Can I use the map in survival mode?
    Yes, it is possible.

Download Race Track Map for Minecraft PE

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