Download Minecraft 1.1

Download Minecraft PE 1.1 to meet new inhabitants in the woods. There are many new mods with unique abilities. For example, players can meet Evoker and Vindicator. All the creatures have their own behavior and strong weapon.

Totem of undying is one of the important items in the game world. It can restore health.

Players can also meet llamas and put chests on them.

Download Minecraft 1.1.5 for free on Android: choose new skins, make glazed terracotta blocks, and much more!

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4 December 2022 2.5

Download Minecraft 1.1.4 for free on Android: meet llamas, find new structures in the woods, and use the totem of undying in fights!

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2 December 2022 5

Download Minecraft 1.1.3 for free on Android: use maps to find secret structures in the woods, fight Vindicator, and tame llamas!

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30 November 2022 5

Download Minecraft 1.1.2 for free on Android: meet cartographer in the village, use the map to find Woodland Mansion, and get the totem of undying!

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28 November 2022 5

Download Minecraft 1.1.1 for free on Android: visit Woodland Mansion, get Totem of undying from Vindicator, and change the behavior of polar bears!

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26 November 2022 3.5

Download Minecraft 1.1.0 for free on Android: go to Woodland Mansion to meet Vindicator, meet llamas, and use both hands to fight enemies!

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24 November 2022 4