Minecraft PE 0.17.0
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Download Minecraft PE 0.17.0 Ender Update available for Xbox: activate the portal to get into a new dimension and fight the dragon.

What is new in Minecraft 0.17.0?

A very interesting update of Minecraft PE 0.17.0 was presented by the developers of Mojang Studios this time. It is almost entirely devoted to the research and development of a new dimension called the Edge.

Here the player can visit a new interesting and unusual location, as well as meet with a very strong opponent – a huge flying Dragon, as well as a shalker and an endermite. The whole space around will be built of dark blocks, which will create a rather sinister atmosphere.

Polar bear

In the cold biomes of Minecraft 0.17.0, players can meet a seemingly neutral mob – a polar bear. This creature can change its mood at any moment, especially if you offend her cub.

In this case, the attack will not take long and will be very fierce and dangerous.

End City

To get into a new dimension in Minecraft PE 0.17.0, the player will have to find a portal in underground fortresses. Activate it by using the 12 eyes of the Enderman. After that, the hero will be able to travel to a new dimension.

In this space, everything will be in dark colors and very dangerous adventures will be waiting for Steve. Firstly, a shalker lives in these places. He disguises himself as purple cubes, but he immediately starts attacking with projectiles as soon as he sees the player.


But the most long-awaited mob that finally appeared in Minecraft 0.17.0 Ender Update is the Dragon. This dangerous creature attacks with fire and destroys all obstacles in its path. The task of defeating him is also complicated by the fact that this creature has the ability to fly.

Before meeting him, it is better to choose improved armor, as well as enchant arrows for reinforcement.

Version: 0.17.0
OS: Android
Changes: ender dragon
Release date: 24 November 2016
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • What is the danger of a shalker in Minecraft PE 0.17.0?
    He starts attacking with projectiles as soon as he sees the player.
  • How can a player activate a portal in MCPE 0.17.0?
    This will require 12 Enderman eyes.
  • What is the danger of the Ender Dragon?
    He can fly and attacks with fire.

Download MCPE 0.17

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