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Download Minecraft 1.1.3 for free on Android: use maps to find secret structures in the woods, fight Vindicator, and tame llamas!

What is new in Minecraft PE 1.1.3?

Mojang continues Discovery Update. Innovations that the developers added affected several areas of the game. Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.1.3 has new mobs, a mysterious mansion in the wood, and more. There are also additional types of enchantment in the game.


There are five new mobs in Minecraft PE 1.1.3. Three of them are residents of the Woodland mansion.


A creature is hostile to players. Vindicator usually has an axe to attack. It can appear in illager patrols in Minecraft 1.1.3. The mob can not see the player through the blocks, and users can use it to hide.


The mob does not appear in patrols in Minecraft PE 1.1.3. It can only be found in a Woodland mansion. He never leads a direct fight but only summons other creatures with the help of magic. After death, it can drop the totem of undying.

It is better to fight this mob from a distance using a bow.


It is one of the villagers in Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.1.3. Players can get maps from cartographers, and find Woodland Mansion using them. This creature wears white clothes and can stay away from the village.


These animals are neutral for Minecraft PE 1.1.3 players. They spawn in groups and live in savannas. Usually, there is a wandering trader near llamas. They can be tamed, and then the animals will transport items.

To do it, players need to feed the mobs with wheat or hay.

Woodland Mansion

There is a brand new place added to Minecraft 1.1.3. This structure that is home to Vindicators and Evokers. It appears with high rarity in the dark forest. It is quite difficult to find it, so it is recommended to search using maps. You can buy them from cartographers.

Version: 1.1.3
OS: Android
Changes: Vindicator, llama, totem of undying
Release date: 06 July 2017
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • Which mob lives in Woodland Mansion in Minecraft PE 1.1.3?
    Players can meet Vindicator there.
  • What weapon does Vindicator have?
    An iron axe.
  • How llama can attack in MCPE 1.1.3?
    This animal can attack with spits.

Download MCPE 1.1.3

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