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Download Subnautica Map for Minecraft PE: try to survive in the underwater world on another planet.

Best Subnautica Map for MCPE

Based on the popular computer game in the adventure genre, Subnautica Map for Minecraft PE was created. In the original plot, the character found himself alone after a shipwreck. But the difficulty is that this is a spaceship and it is located on another planet.

Most of the action takes place underwater, which greatly complicates the process of survival. Now the whole story is available in the cubic world.

The map area is really impressive. The authors have thought through everything: textures, mods, and additions. It will really be a very exciting journey.

New features

First of all, what the main character should think about is the ability to breathe underwater. To do this, there is a special type of armor in the Subnautica Map.

After receiving it, the user will be able to breathe underwater, but the deeper he goes, the harder it will be to breathe.

The weakest in this regard is leather armor, and users can go down the deepest in diamond gear.

By the way, the hero can craft himself a shrimp or sea moth costume, each of which will give him special abilities.

The shrimp suit gives great speed and strength but is not suitable for deep diving. In the armor of the moth, the player can explore deeper areas of the ocean and the hero moves faster in it.

About the map

The hero will have to explore really vast territories to find the necessary resources. On the way, there will be a variety of buildings: from sunken alien ships to unusual temples.

The main goal of Subnautica Map is to get to the Edge. To do this, of course, a player will need to find the Eye of the Edge, but it will not be easy to do this, because the hero constantly needs to monitor the oxygen level.

An amazing and unexplored world awaits all players right now.

  • How to install the Subnautica Map?
    Players need to tap the file and open it in Minecraft PE.
  • What locations players can find on the map?
    A huge variety of underwater locations with a variety of buildings and animals.
  • Is it possible to use with this map with friends?
    Yes, the map can be used for a multiplayer game.

Download Subnautica Map for Minecraft PE

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