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Published: 2 February 2023
Modified: 23 November 2022

Download Mario Texture Pack for Minecraft PE: explore the improved colorful world, use funny blocks for building, and listen to the new cool music!

Best Mario Texture Packs for MCPE

There are textures that can change the whole game world. After installing the Mario resource pack Minecraft PE players will see colorful biomes with new plants and improved mobs.

Mario blocks

Minecraft PE users will appreciate this texture pack dedicated to the Mario theme. The set contains 10 different blocks that fans of the legendary game will easily recognize.

Players will see flowers, mushrooms, stars, and even coins, as well as several other blocks. The texture pack is good because it also works on early MCPE editions.

The developer added just some little details to the game, but they change the entire picture.

Super Mario World

This texture pack will turn the Minecraft PE space into a Super Mario virtual world. It is well known that the game is not new, it has popularity among the game community. Different developers create mods and texture packs with elements of this funny world.


After installing this texture pack Minecraft PE players can live in a mushroom house or build colorful structures in their world. The Mario game has its own background music that the pack developer also added.

By the way, the sun will change its texture. It will become bigger and have rays.

Some blocks will look different. Players can recognize flowers, mushrooms, and some other details from the famous game. There are also some changes in armor and other items which now have more details.

Mario resource pack will add music from the original game. It will create a fun atmosphere and make the Minecraft PE world more like a cartoon.

By the way, users should activate the experimental mode of the game before choosing this texture in the settings.

  • How to install Mario Texture Pack for Minecraft PE?
    Players should tap on the file and open it in MCPE.
  • Does this texture work in a multiplayer game?
    Yes, one of the players should be the owner of the map and install this texture.
  • Is it possible to use two textures at the same time?
    It is not recommended.

Download Mario Texture Pack for Minecraft PE

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