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Download Minecraft for free on Android: find camels in desert villages, craft from new wood blocks, and try additional functions of the items!

Minecraft PE Beta

There are several big changes from the Mojang team in Minecraft PE Creatures have more functions in the game. Players can use new wood for building and try raft with chest.

If player wants to travel with a friend, he can use camel because of its two-seat rider ability.

New type of wood

Many users are happy to see bamboo wood blocks in Minecraft There are new recipes and many variants of this material.

For instance, raft with chest can be crafted from bamboo.


These creatures have some new features in Minecraft PE Two users can be riders at the same time. It is the first animal of the game with such an option.

Camels are tall, so enemies can not reach the rider.

Usually these animals spawn in desert villages. There is one more change: camel can sit down for a while. MCPE players never new when it can happen.

Additional items

Minecraft players are free to use signs anywhere. There is one more type of this item which gives additional abilities. Crafters can write messages and hang them.

Hanging signs have own recipes of craft.

By the way, players can create this new items from any wood blocks including bamboo.

Of course, every crafter knows how to use ordinary bookshelf. Minecraft PE offers new variant of applying. Chiseled bookshelves can be storage, so Steve can have his own library in the game world.

New features

The Mojang developers added 7 new friends for Steve and Alex. Minecraft players can see them in dressing room and choose one of them as a base character.

There are some changes in spectator mode: Allay will not throw items to users.

Many blocks now have similarity with Java Edition. For example, wooden and iron doors.

OS: Android
Changes: Hanging signs, camel, chiseled bookshelf
Release date: 26 October 2022
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • What animal players can meet in desert villages?
    Players can meet camels.
  • Where does Steve can keep his books?
    Chiseled bookshelf can be storage for books.
  • What type of wood can be used for hanging signs?
    These items can be crafted from any wood blocks including bamboo.

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