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Download Minecraft Wild Update for free on Android: try spectator mode, use unusual items from chests of Ancient City, meet updated Warden, and much more!

What is new in Minecraft PE

The Mojang team offers players the to expand the functions in Minecraft, create unique items, and evaluate the changes of the sculk blocks and the Warden.


A dangerous Warden has received additional animation in Minecraft PE During the battle, you can notice if the monster is in pain.

By the way, now seeing players and mobs in front of him, Warden is more likely to attack the player. Creating an underground creature in creative mode, you can not be afraid of the effect of darkness.

Allay can regenerate two health in a second.

Blocks and Items

Minecraft players will discover several new items at once. The Recovery Compass has become an unexpected addition, besides bringing benefits. With the help of such an object, you can find out the last place of Steve’s death.

Players can create a Recovery Compass from Echo Shards and an ordinary compass. It will randomly spin in case of a player’s death, not in the dimension they died last time.

By the way, you can find Echo Shards in chests hidden in the Ancient City.

The developers have made several changes regarding the items. For example, the froglight block got a new sound in Minecraft PE Sculk blocks have also changed. Shiekers will no longer transmit signals to the Warden if players use the Peaceful mode.

Besides, the developers removed Copper Horn from the Bedrock Edition game world.

Spectator Mode

Many people were waiting for the appearance of the new mode in Minecraft The developers have left Spectator mode in experimental functions for now. In the future, they will make a separate button.

OS: Android
Changes: Recovery Compass
Release date: 14 April 2022
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to craft Recovery Compass?
    You need 1 compass surrounded by 8 Echo Shards.
  • Did Warden get any changes?
    Yes, Warden got new animation.
  • Where players can find Echo Shards?
    These items are in the chests of Ancient City.

Download MCPE

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