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Download Minecraft PE Ender Update available for Xbox: use elitres to fly high in the sky.

What is new in Minecraft

The main and most anticipated novelty of Minecraft PE is End City, in which players are waiting for not only unforgettable adventures but also terrible danger. Namely, the Ender Dragon, defeating which the game will continue, but the previously hidden parts of the location will be available to the hero.

But not only in the new dimension, but there are also interesting objects, in the ordinary world there are polar bears and special devices for flying. Elitras is a kind of wings, wearing which Steve will be able to fly.

It is enough to climb higher, put on a new item and jump off. During the fall, click on the jump and the wings will open and the hero will be able to fly.

The End

This is a new dimension that players can enter using the portal. Everything around will be made of dark blocks, which will undoubtedly give the surrounding area mystery and mystique.

Players can meet new mobs in these places, which will immediately attack them. One of these creatures in Minecraft is a Scale Bird. Although it has a small size, it can still harm the hero.

Fortunately, one blow is enough to get rid of this creature.

Dragon Edge

To defeat this boss in Minecraft PE, players will first have to destroy all the edge crystals. After that, users can start attacking the monster itself. In case of victory, the player will receive a new item – a Dragon egg.

Polar bear

This mob lives in cold biomes and at the first meeting will not react to the player in any way. But if players touch her cub, an angry bear in Minecraft will certainly start attacking. Each of her blows takes away six units of health from the hero.

Hiding in a pond from this animal will not work either, because it swims and runs very fast.

OS: Android
Changes: dragon egg
Release date: 02 December 2016
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • What can a player get if he defeats a Dragon in MCPE
    Dragon Egg.
  • What are the elitres in Minecraft PE for?
    To be able to fly.
  • Where can I meet a polar bear?
    He lives in cold biomes.

Download MCPE

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