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Download Minecraft Trails and Tales for free on Android: breed Sniffers with Torchflowers, try crawling, and decorate shields!

What is new in Minecraft PE

The game is improving by the Mojang team. Minecraft offers improved character movements, more archeology options, and many fixes for previously occurring bugs. Trails and Tales Update guests should know which items to take with them to the excavations. Players will see unusual blocks and will be able to use them for crafting.

Biomes and Structures

The developers offer unique structures in Minecraft PE Trail Ruins hide various useful things. For example, smithing templates for decorating armor elements. Players also need smithing table to create unique armor.

Cherry Grove is also an interesting place to visit. Not only is it beautiful there, but players can also find resources.


Among the numerous types of wood in Minecraft there are cherry blocks. A pink tint distinguishes their texture. This resource is suitable for creating a variety of items for survival, as well as construction. It is also worth trying to use calibrated sculk sensors. These blocks will help the player to protect houses from enemies, because they pick up the slightest sound signals.

Ancient mob

There are some items in the game world that can only be found with Sniffer. The mob belongs to the archaeological update and is officially the only dinosaur in Minecraft PE

Breeding Sniffer is possible with the help of Torchflower.


In addition to jumping, running and walking, Minecraft players can try crawling. This movement can also occur automatically if the space does not allow the character to walk. If there are a lot of aggressive mobs nearby, this option can help the character move around unnoticed.

OS: Android
Changes: suspicious sand, pottery shards, calibrated sensor
Release date: 24 June 2023
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to find templates for armor?
    Go to Trail Ruins.
  • Is it possible to breed Sniffer?
    Yes, players should use Torchflower.
  • How to decorate shileds?
    Players need to use banners.

Download MCPE

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