Minecraft PE 1.19.71
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Download Minecraft 1.19.71 Trails and Tales for free on Android: change armor with unique templates, find suspicious gravel, and much more!

Minecraft PE 1.19.71 Release Cherry

The Trails and Tales update has not only new blocks and items, but also interesting options. For example, players can change the appearance of armor using templates. Also in Minecraft 1.19.71 there is an opportunity to craft from a cherry tree and even get a dye from it.


This option has brought players a lot of new blocks and items. For example, suspicious sand began to appear in deserts. It is in such blocks that you should look for ancient treasures. To start the excavation, the user needs to pick up a brush.

By the way, the developers of Mojang have added another unusual resource to Minecraft PE 1.19.71 – suspicious gravel.

There is a mob in the virtual world that can help users find ancient seeds. Sniffer understands by the smell where his target is. The creature does not pose a danger to other inhabitants of the world, including players.

Armor Trim

To customize their armor, players need to use a smithing table and different templates. Minecraft 1.19.71 players can search for them on the territory of the game world. For example, they should visit Desert Pyramid, Jungle Temple, Ancient City and some other structures.

There are different ingredients that can define the color of the armor: iron, copper, gold, emerald, Redstone, and other materials.

Netherite armor crafting requires a unique smithing template. MCPE players can find it in Bastion Remnant chests.

Cherry wood

Beautiful flowering trees with a pink hue not only decorate the world of Minecraft PE 1.19.71. Players can collect petals and create a dye.

From them. By the way, the developers have updated the texture of these trees.

Users can make new wood from cherry stripped logs.

Version: 1.19.71
OS: Android
Changes: suspicious gravel, cherry grove, armor trim
Release date: 17 March 2023
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • What new blocks players can find?
    Suspicious gravel.
  • What players need for archaeology?
  • How to make a decorative pot?
    Players need to get four pottery shards.
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