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Download Render Dragon Shader for Minecraft PE: change the entire virtual world nature by adding more beautiful and rich colors!

How does Render Dragon Shader improve the MCPE world?

Players often want to upgrade their virtual world using different mods, textures, and other resources. This one improves the game lighting. The Minecraft PE users can see their world in new colors.

Nevertheless, it cannot be attributed to classic shaders, although every user will appreciate the changes. Render Dragon adds some details but saves the usual game atmosphere.

The developer has created a shader that can adapt to the game space.

Main features

Those who want to make nature in Minecraft PE more beautiful will appreciate the Render Dragon shader. Players will notice weather changes, more shadows, improved water, as well as beautiful textures of the sun and moon.

The water will be more transparent in places with small depths and have a beautiful blue color in large reservoirs. Transparency will also appear in some blocks.

For example, players can use the updated glass to create large windows.

The developer added lighting to the MCPE using this shader. The changes will also affect biomes: caves will become even more mysterious, and the jungle will become even brighter.

Other details

Minecraft PE players will love the beautiful blue sky and fluffy clouds. The colors of the world will become brighter and juicier.

The Render Dragon shader can add a little light fog to the territory of the game. There will be more shadows in the mountains that will create the volume of this biome.

Users will also see the movement of foliage in windy weather.
Players will notice changes in other dimensions of Minecraft PE. For example, it is worth going to the Nether to observe how beautifully the lava flows.

  • How to install Render Dragon Shader?
    Players should tap on the file and open it in Minecraft PE.
  • Can I use this shader in a multiplayer game?
    Yes, it is possible.
  • What if the shader does not work?
    Try to activate the experimental game mode.

Download Render Dragon Shader for Minecraft PE

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