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Published: 5 October 2022
Modified: 31 May 2022

Download Minecraft PE Ender Update available for Xbox: fight the dragon and go to distant islands in search of the fruits of chorus.

What is new in Minecraft

In the new dimension, which is available for research in Minecraft PE Ender Update, players will be able to meet a very strong opponent, the victory over which will open the opportunity to visit distant islands.

Everything in this area will seem unusual and therefore even more interesting. The fruits of horus, as well as many unique blocks, will become available for use.

By the way, the developers of Mojang Studios have fixed some technical problems to make the gameplay more productive and stable.

Distant Islands

After the player defeats the Ender Dragon in Minecraft, he will have the opportunity to visit the so-called Distant Islands. Here users can see new and very unusual trees. The fruits of the chorus grow on them, which can restore the health of players.

Also, if users burn them in a furnace, they can get blocks for construction. The chorus flower looks very unusual and can reach a height of up to 15 blocks.


One of the dangers in Minecraft PE, which awaits players in the Cities of the Region is shulkers. These creatures impose a levitation effect on the player. The more attacks Steve gets, the higher he will rise, and, accordingly, falling from a height will take away his health.

But if the hero manages to survive a meeting with these creatures, he can find elitres in the vastness of the End City. They will be useful to players in order to be able to fly independently.


In Minecraft, there are new purple blocks that can be used during construction. They can be obtained in the End City with a pickaxe. Or collect the fruits of chorus and burn them in the oven.

OS: Android
Changes: chorus fruits
Release date: 08 December 2016
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • What can the fruits of chorus be used for in MCPE
    For eating and making blocks.
  • What effect do the shulker attacks have on the player in Minecraft PE
    Levitation effect.
  • How can elitres be used?
    They will be useful to players in order to be able to fly independently.

Download MCPE

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