Minecraft PE 1.19.80
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Download Minecraft 1.19.80 for free on Android: play more sounds, create items from cherry wood, and use hanging signs!

What has been added to Minecraft PE 1.19.80?

Every time a game update is released, the developers try to make the new edition more stable and fill it with new details. In Minecraft 1.19.80, users can show imagination and build a bamboo house, sail on a raft, find seeds with Sniffer, and ride a camel.


The authors added an unusual texture and several bamboo types to make it easier and more pleasant to build from this material. Minecraft PE 1.19.80 players can independently change the texture of bamboo blocks with an axe to get another texture.

There are cherry wood blocks that also can be used for crafting. They have nice pink color. Players can get such materials in cherry groves.

Calibrated sculk sensors can be used for receiving vibrations in the game world. They can be made from amethyst.


There are different items in the inventory for house improvement in Minecraft 1.19.80. But the authors do not stop there and add more options. Now, in addition to ordinary bookshelves, there are chiseled shelves for books, which, by the way, can be used as storage.

If players put items there, six units will fit one shelf.

Hanging signs are expensive to craft but useful to write and place text. It is possible to make it from any wood.


Sniffer is a cute animal looking like a dinosaur. It can help Steve find ancient seeds. It is possible to grow torchflowers thanks to this mob.

The deserts of Minecraft PE 1.19.80 are not as empty as before. Among the inhabitants of this biome, players will see camels. The spawn of these animals takes place in deserted villages, and the player can also take an egg from the inventory and create new transport for himself.

If there are two players, this is not a problem because they will both fit on a camel.

Dressing room

In Minecraft 1.19.80 players can change Steve and Alex to other heroes. Users should open a dressing room and meet new characters there.

New skins have many details: hair, clothes, and different eye colors.

New sounds

It is an option of Minecraft PE 1.19.80 for players. They can put mob head on a note block that will bring mob ambient sounds to the game world.

By the way, some heads can even flap their ears.

There are also new discs in Trail Ruins. Players can listen to the music in their favorite biomes.

Version: 1.19.80
OS: Android
Changes: Sniffer, cherry wood, new sounds
Release date: 26 April 2023
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to get more mob sounds?
    Players should put a mob head on a note block.
  • Where can a player see camels?
    In the desert village.
  • How to use chiseled bookshelves?
    Players can place their enchanted books there.
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