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Download Minecraft PE 1.4.2 Update Aquatic for Free on Android: beware of drowned people who move very fast underwater.

What is new in Minecraft 1.4.2?

The developers of Mojang Studios continue to develop the cubic world, which gets new features with each update. Also, critical bugs have been fixed in Minecraft PE 1.4.2, which makes the gameplay more stable and interesting.

Players can meet new friendly mobs, dolphins. If users treat them to cod, the animals will show the hero where the sunken ship is. In general, this version of the game is distinguished by the appearance of new aquatic biomes, each of which has unique plants and structures.

But be careful with these animals, because when they see a boat in the middle of the ocean, they may try to sink it.

Blue ice

It is worth noting that a player who steps on a block of blue ice will slide on it. In addition, in Minecraft 1.4.2, a small glow comes from them, which will be useful when exploring the depths of the sea.

In the cubic world, you can find entire islands consisting of this material.


In Minecraft PE 1.4.2 Update Aquatic, players have the opportunity to create decorative blocks called hewn wood. They can be obtained when an ax comes into contact with a tree.

From these objects, users can create various buildings that will not only look very beautiful but also organically fit into the surrounding landscape.


The developers have added 8 new biomes to Minecraft 1.4.2 at once, each of which has special plants and structures. Corals of all colors can be found at the bottom of aquatic biomes, as well as long kelp algae. Dried kelp can be used as food, and corals can be used for home decor.

The uniqueness of the new territories creates an indescribable atmosphere. Players should visit each of them, especially since there may be sunken ships and fortresses at the bottom, as well as incredible treasures.

Version: 1.4.2
OS: Android
Changes: coral blocks
Release date: 23 May 2018
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How can blue ice be useful in Minecraft PE 1.4.2?
    A small glow comes from it, which can help in moving.
  • How to get trimmed wood in MCPE 1.4.2?
    Use an ax on a tree.
  • How many new biomes have been added?
    8 new biomes.

Download MCPE 1.4.2

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