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Download Minecraft for free on Android: use bamboo wood, travel on a camel, and choose a new character in the dressing room!

What is interesting in Minecraft PE

The Mojang team has improved the game world once again, allowing Minecraft PE users to ride desert animals together with a friend, build themselves beautiful houses from an additional type of wood, and change the character’s skin.

Players can try new abilities and make their world more interesting.

Additional skins

Steve and Alex have new friends. In Minecraft, players can select one of seven additional characters. To look at them, users should look into the dressing room. There they will see new names.

A feature of the skins is that the characters have different skin colors, eyes, and unique clothes.

The familiar character named Steve also changed a little and became more muscular. So players can find the character they like the most.


The new animal lives in the deserts of Minecraft PE It is strong and has long legs, so it can jump and protect its rider from damage. You can get to any place by camel together with a friend.

This is the only creature that puts two players on its back.

Hanging signs

Minecraft has a new type of sign that can be hung all over the game world. You can place these items under the block or to the side of it.

Hanging signs are made of wood and chains. Any trees are suitable for the base, even bamboo.


Minecraft PE players have the opportunity to create things from different wood. The developers decided to add bamboo as well. From this material, you can craft an unusual transport – a raft with a chest. It will become an alternative to the boats that crafters are used to. Crafters can put their things to the chest.

Besides, bamboo can be used to build a beautiful tropical-style house on the seashore.

OS: Android
Changes: camel, hanging sigh, bamboo wood
Release date: 09 November 2022
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How many users can ride a camel at the same time?
    Two users.
  • How to use bamboo?
    Players can create a raft from it.
  • How many skins did developers add to the dressing room?
    Seven skins.

Download MCPE

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