Minecraft PE 1.11.1
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Download Minecraft PE 1.11.1 Village & Pillage for Free on Android: try to defeat the ravager, rate the updated villagers.

What is interesting in Minecraft 1.11.1?

The world of Minecraft PE 1.11.1 has completely transformed, all processes now make sense. A lot of new opportunities open up for the hero: he can protect the villagers and get the title of Hero of the village.

By the way, the player can notify the settlers of the approaching threat in the form of robbers, for this it is enough to start ringing the bell. The locals will start running home by themselves.


The developers have paid special attention to the appearance of village houses, they have become much more beautiful and differ depending on the biome in which they are located.

In Minecraft 1.11.1 there are two types of buildings in settlements. The dwelling is where the locals sleep at night and workplaces, they are in them during the day. It is in the houses of the workers that various tools, a loom, a forge, and much more are located.

Local residents

Residents in Minecraft PE 1.11.1 look completely updated compared to previous versions. Now their appearance depends on the biome in which they live.

For example, in cold areas, it will be warm clothes, and in hot ones, they will be lighter but closed so that sand does not get into the eyes.

In addition, the locals received working professions, which will also be reflected in their appearance. The blacksmith will have a hammer in his hands, and the librarian will have a pen.

The Destroyer

One of the main dangers for the player and residents in Minecraft 1.11.1 Village & Pillage is a huge monster called the Ravager. Riding on it may be the leader of the robbers.

It will be very difficult to cope with this monster without preparation because he is really very strong. He demolishes everything in his path, will attack residents, and destroy crops.

This creature does a lot of damage and you should be as careful as possible when meeting it.

Version: 1.11.1
OS: Android
Changes: raids
Release date: 26 April 2019
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • What reward will the hero receive for defeating the illagers?
    The hero of the village.
  • What effect will be imposed on the player after defeating the leader of the illagers?
    a Bad omen.
  • What kind of creature can accompany illagers and is considered extremely dangerous?
    The Destroyer.

Download MCPE 1.11.1

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