Minecraft PE 1.16.220
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Download Minecraft PE 1.16.220 Nether Update for Free on Android: use the shower lantern to protect buildings from piglins.

What is interesting in Minecraft 1.16.220?

Minecraft PE 1.16.220 users can fully appreciate all the fixed bugs. Indeed, the gameplay has become more stable and the performance has become much higher.

The developers of Mojang Studio pay great attention to the development of new biomes and the addition of unique materials. Players who will go on a journey through incredible caves will be able to see how much more realistic and beautiful they have become.

Among the new creatures in this update, the Axolotl stands out. Users can tie it with a rope and take it with them everywhere. He will protect the owner from all enemies.

Lantern shower

A new useful item for scaring piglins appears in Minecraft PE 1.16.220 Nether Update. The lamp is bluish in color, which these creatures try to avoid.

To create it, the hero will need to combine one torch of souls and eight bars of iron. In addition to the protective function, the shower lantern is perfect for the decoration of buildings. It illuminates the surrounding area by ten blocks.

Deep shale

In order to get this material in Minecraft 1.16.220, the hero will have to go down very deep. According to its properties, deep shale is similar to stone, it is just as hard and durable.

In order to break this block, the player will need a pickaxe, after firing in the furnace, the crushed slate will turn out.

And if the mining tool is also enchanted, then users can get up to several copies at a time.

Glowing lichen

If traveling deep underground in Minecraft Bedrock 1.16.220, the hero sees a faint glow, then it will most likely be this plant. Luminous lichen is easily extracted by any object, but it is best to use scissors for this.

Players can find it on blocks of earth, andesite, dripper, or stone.

Version: 1.16.220
OS: Android
Changes: glowing lichen
Release date: 06 April 2021
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • What is the best tool to extract luminous lichen?
    Glowing lichen falls out as an object only with the use of scissors.
  • What kind of creatures are afraid of the lantern of souls?
    Piglins bypass this blog.
  • what kind of tool will be useful in the extraction of deep shale?
    A pickaxe.

Download MCPE 1.16.220

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