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Download Minecraft 1.2.9 for free on Android: meet new birds in jungle, create jukebox, and use stained glass!

What is new in Minecraft PE 1.2.9?

Developers have made changes to the Minecraft 1.2.9 gameplay. They also fixed technical problems that prevented Bedrock Edition players earlier.


This structure looks like a deep cave. Externally, the canyon looks like a large crack in the ground, inside which water flows, and sometimes lava.

If a Minecraft PE 1.2.9 player goes down, he can find different resources for survival there.

Items and blocks

All new items from the developers of Mojang have functionality. For example, armor stands will help to store the player’s belongings. It is a fragile object, so you should not hit it.

Banners and stained glasses will help Minecraft 1.2.9 users add their design to the game, as they have many color options.

The jukebox will help Steve listen to music. It is possible to create it by crafting. But players will also need a music disc. There are several ways to get it. For example, they can wait for a creeper killed by a skeleton arrow to drop a disk.

With the help of a book with a pen, the MCPE player can record the necessary information.


Developers are adding new animals to the game world and also birds. For example, parrots fly through the jungles of Minecraft PE 1.2.9. These mobs are easy to tame with seeds. After that, the creature sits on the user’s shoulder.

These birds can make various sounds, including imitating other mobs. It can help the player prevent the attack of opponents.

Other changes

The authors of Better Together Update decided to add more animals to the biomes of Minecraft 1.2.9. Users will meet mobs more often because they spawn more often.

It has become easier to play on the server: the developers have eliminated some errors in the multiplayer game.

By the way, players can edit the world in creative mode. There are several options that users can customize. For example, activate the bonus chests and turn off the nighttime.

Version: 1.2.9
OS: Android
Changes: parrots, stained glass, jukebox
Release date: 16 January 2018
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • Where do parrots spawn in Minecraft PE 1.2.9?
    These birds spawn in the jungle.
  • How can players use stained glass?
    Players can use it for decoration.
  • What new structures are in MCPE 1.2.9?
    There are beautiful canyons.

Download MCPE 1.2.9

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