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Horror Maps for Minecraft PE
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Download FNAF 1 map for Minecraft PE: become a part of a horror story, try to survive in a creepy restaurant, and much more!

Best FNAF 1 Maps for MCPE

Many Minecraft PE users like horror stories. Developers took one of them to create creepy maps for the game world. Five nights at Freddy’s Map is not only a copy of the original location from the game but also an exciting and dangerous adventure!

FNAF pizzeria

This map will appeal to those Minecraft PE players who know the story of the famous pizzeria Five nights at Freddy’s well. Developers created this location in honor of the game of the same name.

Main features

This map is no worse than the original of the popular game. The territory consists of several parts. The Minecraft PE player finds himself in front of the entrance to the cafe. Behind him, there is a wall with the image of FNAF 1 heroes.

On the sides of the main building, there are two houses, in one of which there are chests.


Inside the restaurant, you can find many rooms. The interior fully corresponds to the theme. There are a lot of balloons and gifts in each room.

Also, Minecraft PE players can see a playground and slot machines. At the same time, the atmosphere inside is creepy. Using the FNAF 1 map, you can get your portion of thrills.

Five nights

This Map for Minecraft PE offers players to survive until six in the morning in a cafe with creepy animatronic creatures. Mobs from Five Nights at Freddy’s will try to attack Steve.


Animatronics have excellent textures and animations, but they only move at night. The map offers Minecraft PE players also food but only during the day.

There are many details on the map to make surviving more interesting. For example, the developer added cameras and many doors to the rooms.

Players also can find all the nessecary furniture, and realistic sounds to the FNAF 1 map.

  • How to install the FNAF 1 map?
    Players need to tap the file and open it in Minecraft PE.
  • Can players use map in survival mode?
    Yes, players can use survival, creation and adventure modes.
  • Is it possible to use this map with friends?
    Yes, the map can be used for a multiplayer game.

Download FNAF 1 map for Minecraft PE

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