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Download Minecraft for free on Android: try bamboo blocks for building, create storage for items from chiseled bookshelves, and ride a camel!

What is new in Minecraft PE

Mojang Studio surprised Bedrock Edition players again. This time with the Minecraft update. Big changes affected the animals of the game world, and items received new functionality.

Players can use camels as new transport. Besides, there are places for two people.

Bamboo wood set

Finally bamboo will become not only a beautiful but also a functional material. Users can build any structures from it in Minecraft PE as other wood types of the game.

It is a good resource for building many details for a house. For example, users can craft stairs and slabs from it. It is a great material for flooring.

Hanging signs

Crafters use ordinary signs. It is an opportunity to write something and place it in the world. The developers have introduced a new kind of this item in Minecraft

Hanging signs can be crafted from any type of wood. For example, users can try new bamboo blocks for creating them.

Players can write a letter or important information on the sign and place it on the side of any block.

Chiseled bookshelves

Minecraft PE players will like the new features of bookshelves. They are not only a part of a house design but also storage for players’ staff.  It is a great place for enchanted books and other things.

By the way, the developers announced the ability to build mechanisms based on Redstone and chiseled bookshelf in the future.


These animals spawn in the Minecraft, so every player can meet them. It is possible to tempt and breed camels. The mob is big, so two players can saddle it at the same time.

New animals look realistic, have long legs, and move not so slow. Camel is bigger than a horse.

OS: Android
Changes: Hanging signs, camel, chiseled bookshelf
Release date: 19 October 2022
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • What features does camel have?
    There are enough space for two players.
  • What wood types do players need to craft hanging signs?
    Hanging signs can be crafted from all types of wood.
  • What interesting features does camel have?
    Two players can saddle it at the same time.

Download MCPE

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