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Download Minecraft 1.2.1 for free on Android: visit new structures in mountain biomes, find parrots, and use banners!

What is new in Minecraft PE 1.2.1?

The developers have created new structures in which players can find resources. They also added armor stands, a lighthouse, banners, and a jukebox.

With these items, survival in Minecraft 1.2.1 Bedrock Edition will become more exciting.


The Mojang Studio decided that the players needed a jukebox. Minecraft PE 1.2.1 users can listen to the records after they get them. In survival mode, you need to kill a creeper with a skeleton arrow.

Besides, there is another way: Steve needs to visit the dungeon and find a chest in these places.


The game world now has an unusual structure – a canyon. This territory in Minecraft 1.2.1 is located in mountain biomes. The place looks like a deep crack in the ground. If the player goes down, he will see lava or water there.

Users can find there are many blocks reuired for survival. For example, coal or iron.


This flying mob in Minecraft PE 1.2.1 lives in the jungle biome. If you give him seeds, the parrot will become tame. In this case, it will fly next to the player and sit on his shoulder.

There is no need to feed the bird cookies. Otherwise, it will get the effect of poisoning.

Bonus Chest

The developers have added a bonus chest to Minecraft 1.2.1. Users can select it in the settings during the creation of the game world. There may be stone tools, food, and wood inside.


These items serve to decorate the world of Minecraft PE 1.2.1. Players can apply patterns to banners, creating unique instances.

Fans of role-playing games will appreciate the opportunity to place these new items in the game world.


This item has several effects in Minecraft 1.2.1 at once. With the help of a beacon, Steve can gain speed, additional strength, and other abilities.

By the way, you can add colored glass so that the beam changes its color.

Version: 1.2.1
OS: Android
Changes: parrots, stained glass
Release date: 26 September 2017
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • Where do parrots spawn in Minecraft PE 1.2.1?
    These birds spawn in the jungle.
  • How can players use stained glass?
    Players can use it for decoration.
  • What new structures are in MCPE 1.2.1?
    There are beautiful canyons.

Download MCPE 1.2.1

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