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Download Minecraft Wild Update for free on Android: explore the Mangrove Swamp biome and use local resources during construction.

What is new in Minecraft PE

In the new update of the favorite game, players will find a lot of discoveries and exciting adventures. Thanks to the efforts of developers, more and more unique locations appear, and mobs get new skills.

In Minecraft, players can again fully use bows, crossbows, and throwing tridents. It is worth recalling that earlier there was a failure due to which, when first used, the heroes could not shoot an arrow. Now, fortunately, this problem has been completely solved.

Mangrove swamps

In the expanses of mangrove swamps, players can meet plants unusual for the cubic world. The fact is that the trees have an unusual crown and the leaves fall like lianas. They also have roots that can also be used by players.

This time Minecraft PE fixed a crash that did not allow users to stack the fire properly. As a fuel for which players can use local wood. By the way, residents have now appeared in this location.

Thus, the new biome has become even more attractive for users to explore. Be sure to visit this territory and explore all its possibilities.

Mud Blocks

The surface of the mangroves is almost completely covered with mud. It is these blocks, along with the unique local trees, that is their distinctive feature.

Of course, players can use them in Minecraft first of all, these resources will be useful in construction.

Other changes

Also in Minecraft PE, a crash that occurred when using spawn eggs was fixed, and crashes will no longer occur when switching to the Marketplace.

All this is designed to create more stable and comfortable gameplay. Use all the new opportunities to create something unique and unrepeatable right now.

OS: Android
Changes: Mangrove Swamps
Release date: 04 August 2022
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to use mud bricks in MCPE
    These materials are good for building.
  • What can mangrove wood be used for?
    For building or when creating a bonfire.
  • What trees grow in the Mangrove Swamp in Minecraft PE
    There are a lot of mangrove trees.

Download MCPE

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