Minecraft PE 1.2.6
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Download Minecraft 1.2.6 for free on Android: get a jukebox and discs, feed parrots, and use armor stands in the game!

What is new in Minecraft PE 1.2.6?

The developers from Mojang fixed some critical bugs in Minecraft 1.2.6, thus improving the Better Together Update.

Players can get new pets in the jungle and also notice the updated textures of some of the game mobs. There are also new sets of skins.


You can meet new birds in the tropical biomes of Minecraft PE 1.2.6. Parrots are friendly and can even become the pets of players. It is best to feed birds with seeds, and from some types of food, they can get poisoning.

The peculiarity of this mob is that by imitating the sounds of other creatures of the game, they can warn Steve about the danger.

The developers have improved the textures of some MCPE animals: horses, mules, and donkeys began to look even more realistic.

Armor stand

This item in Minecraft 1.2.6 is used to store the player’s armor. It is necessary to operate the stand carefully because it can break. You can change its poses and move its parts.

Stained glasses

These items are similar to ordinary glasses but have different color options in Minecraft PE 1.2.6. At the same time, it becomes a nice decoration for the player’s house.

The properties of the glass remained the same: it can easily break if handled carelessly.


Developers offer to listen to music in Minecraft 1.2.6 using a jukebox. Players also need discs, which they can get by killing a creeper. In this case, death must occur from the arrow of the skeleton.


Minecraft PE 1.2.6 users can use the new features of the game menu. For example, there is a bonus chest. Players can activate it during the creation of the world.

The item will help players at the beginning of survival. The chest will appear in the very place where the player spawns, and there will be torches around it.

Version: 1.2.6
OS: Android
Changes: parrots, stained glass, flags
Release date: 06 December 2017
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • Where do parrots spawn in Minecraft PE 1.2.6?
    These birds spawn in the jungle.
  • How can players use stained glass?
    Players can use it for decoration.
  • What new structures are in MCPE 1.2.6?
    There are beautiful canyons.

Download MCPE 1.2.6

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