Minecraft PE 0.16.1
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Download Minecraft PE 0.16.1 Boss Update available for Xbox: explore Ocean Monuments to find hidden treasures, and also try to fight Wither.

What is new in Minecraft 0.16.1?

It is worth noting right away that in Minecraft PE 0.16.1, developers have improved the graphics of the game by increasing the range of drawing sections. Performance has also been improved and a bug that led to a crash while using the watch has been fixed.

The creation of a beacon became available to players. With the help of this wonderful structure, the heroes will be able to instantly get new useful effects. By the way, this object releases a ray of light into the sky, thereby marking a point on the map.

Ocean Monuments

There have been changes in the underwater biome of Minecraft 0.16.1, thanks to which players will be able to find new buildings there and meet sinister creatures. Deep at the bottom of the ocean are Ocean Monuments, which are easy to detect by the glow above them.

Inside, users will be able to find several useful blocks: gold, sponge, and prismarine. But it will not be so easy to get them, because this place is inhabited by guardians and their enhanced version – the elder guardians. These creatures are dangerous because they release a beam that reaches a distance of up to 14 blocks.


By the name Minecraft PE 0.16.1 Boss Update, a new dangerous creature appears in the game that players can create. To summon Wither, users will need a Soul Sand and three heads of Wither Skeleton.

Interestingly, the developers have added animation, as well as a white glow when this mob appears and is destroyed.

Sea Lantern

Immediately upon entering Ocean Monuments in Minecraft 0.16.1, players can see new glowing blocks, that can be used to illuminate the space. And if players enchant a sea lantern, then when it is destroyed, they can get a prismarine shard.

Version: 0.16.1
OS: Android
Changes: prismarine shard
Release date: 05 November 2016
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to summon a wither in MCPE 0.16.1?
    4 blocks of soul sand and 3 heads of a wither skeleton are used for summoning. Expose all these items in the same way as a regular golem is created.
  • What are the dangers of the Elder Guardians in Minecraft PE 0.16.1?
    These creatures are dangerous because they release a beam that reaches a distance of up to 14 blocks.
  • What can a marine lantern be used for?
    It can be used to illuminate the space.

Download MCPE 0.16.1

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