Minecraft PE 1.19.51
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Download Minecraft 1.19.51 for free on Android: craft different items from bamboo, use new properties of blocks, and go to the deserts to find camels!

What is new in Minecraft PE 1.19.51?

The Mojang team constantly gets feedback from users to improve the game space. Minecraft 1.19.51 has changes, fixed bugs, and additional properties to blocks.


New exotic animals appear in the game world. In Minecraft PE 1.19.51, players have a chance to meet camels in the middle of the desert. Usually, the animals spawn in local villages.

By the way, camels have unique animation: they can wiggle their ears.

The main advantage of this mob is the ability to carry players and their items. Besides, the user is taller if he is on a camel during the battle.

Glow squid got a change: now it emits particles even outside the water.

New items

Minecraft 1.19.51 players can use signs to place information in the block world. If earlier they could be placed on the ground, now they can be hung under the blocks.

By the way, any type of wood is suitable for creating hanging signs. For example, it is possible to use bamboo blocks as a basis.

Chiseled shelves have become more advanced. Players can put their books on them by organizing a storage system with the ability to monitor the movement of books.

Now chiseled shelves will not trigger Observer blocks during the world loading.


Minecraft PE 1.19.51 players have bamboo blocks for building. Their unusual texture can decorate a house or serve as the basis for creating stairs or floors.

There is a bamboo raft in the game world. For water travel, it will become an alternative to a boat since it also has a chest.

Other changes

Some existing Minecraft 1.19.51 blocks have received new properties. For example, Sculk Shrieker has become louder: now you can hear it at a distance of 32 blocks.

Version: 1.19.51
OS: Android
Changes: camel, bamboo wood, mob sounds
Release date: 13 December 2022
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to use bamboo raft?
    It has the same function as a boat.
  • Where can camels spawn?
    In desert villages.
  • Is it possible to use bamboo wood for crafting a hanging sign?
    Yes, it is possible.

Download MCPE 1.19.51

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