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Download Minecraft PE 1.17.2 Caves and Cliffs Part 1 Update for free on Android: evaluate the improved mechanics and elements, as well as new features.

What is interesting in Minecraft 1.17.2?

Mojang developers have tried to improve the generation of the world and added new elements to Minecraft PE 1.17.2. The update includes the possibility of mining new minerals such as amethysts, tuff, and deep shale.

The hero can create candles and a telescope.


Minecraft 1.17.2 Caves and Cliffs users can create candles themselves. This will require a thread and a honeycomb. It is noteworthy that these items can also be painted in different colors using plants or octopus ink bags.

Candles will be an excellent decoration for the festive table, creating a pleasant atmosphere. Or they can be used to illuminate an area of a dwelling.

Amethyst Geode

An incredibly beautiful location that resembles a ball in its shape. In the very middle of this space, the heroes will be able to find fragile crystals that emit the sound of bells when they are stepped on.

This biome may appear in Minecraft PE 1.17.2 on top of ordinary caves, and there may be abandoned mines on the surface.


In the very center of Amethyst Geode, players will be able to find quite fragile blocks. But players should not even try to get it. The fact is that amethyst in Minecraft 1.17.2 breaks very easily. All that the hero can get is a shard. It can be used when creating a spyglass or tinted glass.


One of the new blocks in Minecraft PE 1.17.2 Caves and Cliffs is tuff. Unfortunately, nothing can be created from it, the only use is for decoration in the dwelling. Tuff is extracted very easily, with the help of any pickaxe.

Also, deep underground, the hero will be able to find a deep shale. It is extracted not in a whole block, but in grains. But do not worry, because they melt perfectly in the furnace and form ingots.

Version: 1.17.2
OS: Android
Changes: amethyst geode
Release date: 22 June 2021
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • Where can I find Amethyst?
    In Amethyst geodes.
  • What will it take to create candles?
    Thread and honeycomb.
  • What can Amethysts be used for?
    To create telescopes.

Download MCPE 1.17.2

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