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Download Minecraft for free on Android: visit underwater biomes, find unique structures, and use blocks from the ocean!

Minecraft PE Aquatic Update

Players can find in Minecraft many helpful items and some new mobs of the Aquatic Update.

The developers have added even more improvements to the mobs of the game. For example, dolphins received additional sounds. And the nautilus shell and the heart of the sea have updated textures.

The water in the game world has changed. MCPE players will notice that it has become purer and visibility at the bottom has improved. The developers have also added physical properties to oceans and rivers.

Coral block

This decorative block looks beautiful on the ocean floor Minecraft PE These plants are noticeable from afar because they have a bright color. There are also dead coral blocks in the game that look duller.


This item is a weapon of Drowned. The trident has excellent characteristics in battles. So players can kill many mobs in Minecraft

You can get a gun by waiting for the drowned man to drop it.


A lot of underwater inhabitants appeared in Minecraft PE For example, tropical fish and salmon. These are neutral creatures that don’t attack anyone. The developers have added new fish to diversify the player’s food.

Users can see dolphins swimming in the ocean. These mobs are also neutral, but sometimes they can swim for the players for fun.

There are also aggressive inhabitants of the seabed. Drowned are the same zombies, but they spawn in the water. These Minecraft mobs can chase Steve in the ocean and on land.


Users can find ships and ruins in the waters of the game world. A chest containing a nautilus shell and sometimes parts of armor is usually among the ruins.

In the Shipwreck, Steve can find diamonds, lapis lazuli, and maps. All these items are in chests.

OS: Android
Changes: drowned, dolphins
Release date: 20 April 2018
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • Where do drowned spawn in Minecraft PE
    These mobs spawn underwater.
  • How can players use sea pickles?
    Players can use it to get light underwater.
  • What new animals are in MCPE
    There are dolphins in the ocean.

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