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Download Herobrine Mod for Minecraft PE: add famous creepy characters to the game world, find strange structures, and face your fear!

Best Herobrine Mod for MCPE

There are many creepy stories that Minecraft PE players tell each other. Herobrine is something like an evil copy of Steve in the game world. Users can meet this mob thanks to this modification.

Legends of Creepypasta

It is one of the best mods with Herobrine, which adds several dangerous entities to Minecraft PE at once. Players who love scary stories will love this add-on.


It is a legendary hero of the game world well known by many Minecraft PE users know. It is a dangerous enemy of Steve, a strong mob capable of killing even the End dragon.

By the way, Hirobrine can teleport and uses lightning. It helps the mob appear and disappear very unexpectedly.

Other mobs

There is a mysterious character Entity 303 who walks through other people’s game worlds and takes revenge on the developers of Minecraft PE. The mob uses a ranged attack, can teleport, and throws dynamite.

Entity 404 is even more dangerous and insane. Mob destroys everything around using dynamite.

Null is known for his ability to create his copies. During the attack, the mob uses lightning and can blow up blocks.

Creepy Herobrine

The mod developer offers to add Herobrine to the Minecraft PE world. By itself, the character is not dangerous for Steve, but one kind causes fear.

By the way, the creature always appears very unexpectedly in the game world and also disappears quickly.

Players can see strange structures and sometimes trees without foliage. All these details create a horror atmosphere. You can find tunnels lit by torches from Redstone in the caves and the glowing eyes of Herobrine in the distance. Also, there are strange pyramids in deserts.

  • How to install Herobrine Mod?
    Players need to tap the file and open it in Minecraft PE.
  • What if the mod doesn't work?
    Activate the experimental mode.
  • Can I use this mod in a multiplayer game?
    Yes, you need to be the owner of the map and install this mod on it.

Download Herobrine Mod for Minecraft PE

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