Minecraft PE 1.20.12
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Download Minecraft 1.20.12 Trails and Tales for free on Android: grow Sniffer, unlock recipes in the world settings, and much more!

Minecraft PE 1.20.12 Release

Users constantly have improvements of their favorite game world from Mojang. In Minecraft PE 1.20.12, players have more opportunities related to crafting recipes. Also, users still have access to all the options of archeology and the creation of ancient items.

Cherry wood

The amazing texture of cherry blocks makes the products from this wood fork very beautiful. It can be doors, stairs, boats and much more. Minecraft 1.20.12 users can mine these blocks in the Cherry Grove and use them for any purpose.


An unusual mob that helps Minecraft PE 1.20.12 archaeologists while searching for ancient plants can be grown by the player himself. The sniffer will be born faster if the user puts an egg on a moss block. On other surfaces, the process takes much longer.

By the way, it is worth searching for eggs in the area of the Trail Ruins.

Recipe Unblocking

Minecraft 1.20.12 players can discover new options related to crafting. Firstly, unlocking recipes of Trails and Tales Update is no longer an experimental feature. In addition, this feature can be turned on and off in the settings. The developers have also fixed some bugs related to notifications.

By the way, recipes in the book can be found by the words.

Armor customization

Changing armor in Minecraft PE 1.20.12 is possible with the help of Smithing table and a variety of templates that are stored in Trail Ruins — a mysterious underground structure of the world. There is a whole range of color options for armor, so the player just has to choose.


The player movement on Minecraft 1.20.12 can be carried out in different ways: the character can run, jump and even crawl. Crawling is a very useful function, because there are many places in the game world where it is impossible to pass.

Version: 1.20.12
OS: Android
Changes: suspicious sand, pottery shards, calibrated sensor
Release date: 18 July 2023
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to use brush?
    It can clean suspicious blocks of sand.
  • How to find Pitcher Crop?
    Sniffer can help players.
  • Is it possible for players to breed Sniffers?
    Yes, the mob likes Torchflower, and players should feed Sniffer with it.

Download MCPE 1.20.12

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