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Download Skyblock Map for Minecraft PE: explore floating islands that will amaze with their diversity.

Best Skyblock Map for MCPE

Skyblock Map is an incredibly interesting adventure. For all Minecraft PE users, developers have prepared many unique floating islands. Users can find minerals and even secret blocks of luck on them.

There is even a location with a store where the heroes can buy a lot of interesting and necessary things and items. Players can visit almost all known biomes and explore them.

An exciting adventure awaits everyone who downloads this update.


This update for Skyblock Map is quite classic but at the same time the most ambitious. The hero will be able to explore many different biomes and structures and see different animals.

The player can live on floating islands or visit almost all known locations in the cubic world. After exploring all kinds of localities, the main task will be to kill the dragon.

An incredible variety of surfaces from the taiga or desert to the karst cave and the valley of the sand of souls. In any case, it will be an incredibly exciting adventure in Minecraft PE.


For those users who like survival-style games, the authors have created another update for Skyblock Map. As soon as the hero appears on the map, he will see a book, after reading which all the rules will be clear.

Four islands have been prepared for Minecraft PE players: the main island, an island with a tree, a farm, and an ore generator. It is in the latter that the hero will be able to extract various minerals.


A truly unique update has been prepared by the authors for all Minecraft PE users. This update for Skyblock Map includes forty islands, including a shop and a location for mining ore.

In some areas there is a block of luck, breaking which players can get useful resources.

  • How to install the Skyblock Map?
    Players need to tap the file and open it in Minecraft PE.
  • What locations players can find on the map?
    Players can visit almost all known biomes and explore them.
  • Is it possible to use with this map with friends?
    Yes, the map can be used for a multiplayer game.

Download Skyblock Map for Minecraft PE

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