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Download Minecraft for free on Android: travel on a raft, write text on hanging signs, and much more!

What is new in Minecraft PE

The development team from the Mojang studio pleased fans of the game world with an update again. In Minecraft, players will see fixed bugs and useful resources for survival.


Users often saddle different animals in the game world, and now it has become possible to travel on a camel. It is a unique type of transport because two players can travel together at once.

Camels have realistic animation in Minecraft PE They can walk, run, sit down and even move their ears. These animals live in deserts, and often players can meet them in the village.

A player who is going to fight aggressive mobs in the desert should get on a camel because then he will be higher than his enemies.


Those who want to build a house on the seashore in Minecraft should use bamboo blocks. The material has not only a beautiful texture but also excellent durability.

Users can create a hanging sign from bamboo and write text on them. All types of wood are suitable for crafting it. Such items are often used by map makers. These items are better than usual signs: users can see them from afar.

There is a raft as an alternative to a boat with a chest in MCPE. It is made of bamboo and looks like a boat but has no sides.

Playable mod heads

There is an interesting option in Minecraft PE Players can hear sounds after they put mob head on a note block.

It can be a zombie or some other mob’s head.


Many mobs and blocks have received fixes in Minecraft For example, Vex and Allay, sitting in a boat, now have the correct position.

Сampfires no longer cause damage to players: the developers believe that it does not correspond to the original functionality of these blocks. Now campfires have the same functions as torches.

OS: Android
Changes: camel, bamboo wood, mob sounds
Release date: 05 January 2023
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to hear mob sounds?
    Users should place a mob head on a note block.
  • How to find camels?
    Look for them in the desert village.
  • Is it possible to use bamboo for crafting?
    Yes, this type of wood can be used like others.

Download MCPE

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