Minecraft PE 0.14.1
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Download Minecraft PE 0.14.1 for free on Android: try to build a unique system using new mechanisms and trolleys.

What is new in Minecraft 0.14.1?

In Minecraft PE 0.14.1, players will be able to take advantage of new features. Mojang developers have introduced a new achievement system. It can greatly diversify the gameplay.

By the way, new skins from Story Mode have become available to all users. Now players will be able to complement their images with new details.


Developers continue to improve various processes in Minecraft 0.14.1, allowing players to make them more mechanized. In this version of the game, three types of trolleys appear at the disposal of users.

If users combine them with rails and Redstone systems, they can get a very interesting result. Players will be able to use an object equipped with a chest. It is not difficult to guess that in this way he can transport any valuables.

The next modification that became available to players was supplemented with a funnel.Users can pour liquids or lava into it. And the most dangerous of all is a dynamite trolley. We can say that this is literally a bomb on wheels.

Slime Block

Minecraft PE 0.14.1 has a new interesting block. It consists entirely of slime and is created from its pieces. If user jump on it from a height, he will be able to jump up like on a trampoline.

And with normal movement, it just slows down the movement.


Large-scale work continues on the implementation of various Redstone mechanisms. In Minecraft 0.14.1, players have the opportunity to create designs that are unique in their properties and scope of application.

Comparators and repeaters are available that delay or disable signals. Users can combine distributors and ejectors with other elements. This will be very useful for users. Players will be able to supplement these items with arrows or buckets.

Version: 0.14.1
OS: Android
Changes: comparators droppers
Release date: 05 April 2016
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • What options of trolleys are available in Minecraft PE 0.14.1?
    With a hopper, dynamite and a chest.
  • What properties does the slime block have in MCPE 0.14.1?
    It slows down movement.
  • What skins have become available to users?
    Skins from Story Mode.

Download MCPE 0.14.1

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