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Download Minecraft 1.20.1 Trails and Tales for free on Android: get Sniffer egg under suspicious gravel, use armor trim, and try to crawl!

What is new in Minecraft PE 1.20.1?

For those who have already appreciated the game world in Trails and Tales Update, the developers have added many more interesting things, as well as fixed some issues. Among the most significant options for Minecraft 1.20.1 players are:

  • Advanced crawling;
  • search for ancient seeds with a Sniffer;
  • extraction of wood in a Cherry Grove;
  • different templates for changing armor;
  • crafting pots from pottery sherds.


Along with archaeology, new territories have appeared in the game. Trail Ruins is a unique place where Minecraft PE 1.20.1 players can search for armor templates. Also in this biome, users will find a Sniffer egg. It is usually hidden under a layer of suspicious gravel.

Cherry Grove will be interesting to visit for those who need wood. Cherry wood makes excellent buildings and objects with an unusual pink color.

Blocks and Items

Decorative pots are unique items that Minecraft 1.20.1 players can create thanks to archaeological excavations. Finding pottery sherds under suspicious sand, users can connect them four by four and get beautiful decorative items.

To clean the sand, the developers introduced a brush. Players can understand where to look for treasures by the unusual texture of the sand.

Crawling and sneaking

Mojang developers continue to change and improve the way the character moves in the game. Crawling has become a convenient feature for those who find themselves in spaces with low ceilings. By the way, several errors of automatic triggering of this movement have been fixed in Minecraft PE 1.20.1.


Players can not tame a Sniffer, but this mob still helps them in finding seeds. The creature can find Torchflower and a Pitch Crop. These plants can then be planted and grown.

By the way, Torchflower can be used to breed these mobs in Minecraft 1.20.1.

Version: 1.20.1
OS: Android
Changes: crawling, Sniffer, pottery sherds
Release date: 21 June 2023
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • Where players can find Sniffer eggs?
    In Trail Ruins.
  • How to craft decorative pots?
    Use 4 pottery sherds.
  • Is it possible to breed Sniffer?
    Yes, players need to use Torchflower.

Download MCPE 1.20.1

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