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Download Minecraft for free on Android: use blocks of suspicious sand and brushes to get new items, meet Sniffer, and plant ancient seeds to grow flowers!

What is new in Minecraft PE

Thanks to the developers from the Mojang team, users of the game have more opportunities and options. The archaeology that many expected has been fully realized. To start digging in the desert, the Minecraft player needs to find a suitable place and also needs unusual items. Players wait for more new content in Trails and Tales Update that have been announced.

The player also has the opportunity to grow ancient flowers.


This mob has been announced for a long time and has even already won the 2022 vote. Since then, players have been eagerly waiting for him to appear in the game. It has something of a dinosaur and something of a turtle. The large shell helps to protect the mob from damage, and the bright coloring makes it look like the rest of the inhabitants of Minecraft PE

Users can create a Sniffer but can’t tame it.


These beautiful flowers are also part of the experimental mode. Players can even grow them on their farms in Minecraft Besides, Sniffer likes torchflowers.

Players can take the seeds of this plant and plant them on farmland.


For those who want to use the archaeology features in Minecraft PE, the developers have added various items. For example, players can clean the sand and find pottery shards using a brush. After collecting four different pieces, the player can craft a beautiful object from them – a decorative pot.

By the way, if players break this item, the user can get back the fragments. There is also the possibility to make a dye from it.

Suspicious sand

In addition to the usual sand in Minecraft, there are blocks of suspicious sand. They are the same in their properties, but they can hide ancient treasures inside. The player needs to take a brush and clear the blocks.

Cherry Blossom

Mojang Studios developers invite every user to visit the new biome right now. To find this amazing place they will have to go to the Mountain Meadows. This place in Minecraft PE 1.19 from the first minutes will amaze the heroes with its beauty and unique nature.

Everywhere players will meet trees with pink flowers. By the way, if users collect them, they can prepare a dye of the same color.

OS: Android
Changes: suspicious sand, pottery shards, brush
Release date: 13 April 2024
Author: Mojang
Publisher: Microsoft
License: Free
Xbox Live: +
File: APK
  • How to clean suspicious sand?
    Players should use a brush.
  • What items is it possible to find using archaeology?
    Four types of pottery shards.
  • How to make Decorative pot?
    Players need to combine four pottery shards,

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